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Men’s Sober Living is much like any other living. The major difference is that sober living comes with some rules but also has a lot more support and understanding.

Drugs and alcohol are not allowed on site, and the people you live with and around will have similar recovery goals and personal values. Sober living rarely costs more than you would pay for rent anywhere else. Some houses may even be supported by non-profit groups and offer reduced rates. If you choose a licensed facility, insurance may cover some of your costs of living. Licensed facilities may have on-site or on-call recovery professionals.

Any sober living home should keep you connected with your treatment plan. This plan must include ongoing therapy and aftercare. It may also include 12-Step meeting attendance or other options for social and group support. When you live in a home with other recovering addicts, attending meetings can become a group activity. This makes it harder to skip meetings or otherwise lapse in your recovery practices. Sober living homes help you create healthy routine and structure. They offer immediate, accessible peer support.

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